The Goddess ages backwards
proceeding in reverse
unwinding the thread
through the twisting paths
for us and Theseus
to follow – to where?
Round and round she goes
and never stops, as everyone knows.
So we emerge again
where we started out.

But maybe she’s not backing away
but rather stepping forward
eyes on the future
moving ahead
while we back away
retreating into our future
facing back, seeing only the past.

And still the new moon rises
earlier and earlier each night
until it grows full
and still it rises
earlier in the day
moving back into
its age of waning.

The Crone hobbles,
shuffling along,
to become the Mother
who writhes giving birth
to become the Maiden
swaying like a sapling.
Suddenly as young as
the Sun child she has borne again,
they skip ahead leading us
into the new year
in all their youthful joy
as we count the year’s passing
and add to our age.

One thought on “The Labyrinth and the Lady

  1. I particularly like the image of the Maiden and the Sun Child skipping together to lead us forward. and “the Mother who writhes giving birth” is a poignant image! 😀

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