In this season when Wicca calls me to face the fact of mortality, I found a short piece on the poet Thomas Lynch to be deeply touching. Mr. Lynch says, “Mortality as a condition is one that I don’t think we should rail too much against. Living as if you’re going to be dead sometime is more sensible than living as if you’ll live forever.”

When I pay attention to the rhythms and realities of nature, I find that death is an integral part of them. Wicca teaches me to respect that and helps me learn how to face it. This is one of many reasons Wicca is a positive force in my life.

One thought on “The art of facing death

  1. It is interesting that I was considering this, also, this morning as I was getting ready for work. for me, it occurred in the context of my mother dying, whenever that time comes, and how she and I would handle that event and then how I might handle my own. I find, for today at least, I am comfortable with the idea of my own mortality. Guess we’ll see how that changes when I’m faced with it more directly.

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