Bryan Fischer has a second post up about the controversy that’s resulted from him saying we’ve feminized the Medal of Honor. He protests that he didn’t mean we should stop giving the Medal of Honor to soldiers who save comrades; he meant that we should give more Medals of Honor to soldiers because they are “aggressive” and kill lots of enemy. My previous arguments about why “killing enemy” may be a bad idea in COIN (counterinsurgency) still apply.

And then Fischer goes into a favorite technique of conservative Christians: proof-texting. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, this is the idea that showing Biblical citations is the best way of proving your argument. (Witches are particularly familiar with arguments supported by a bad translation of Exodus 22:18, for example.) Fischer takes this and runs with it, in the hopes that having more proof-texts will make his argument even stronger. What he ends up doing is creating a greatest-hits album of all the things about the Old Testament that make me think Yahweh was a pretty frickin’ scary god. I mean, ordering genocide (with optional enslavement of young women as concubines – note that link goes to an apologist website) is pretty hard-core.

These are precisely the things about Christianity that drive some people away from it, and that some people only really notice after they’ve left for other reasons. From my point of view, I sometimes wonder why someone wants to worship a god like that. I can understand Christians who de-emphasize the Old Testament, who disavow genocide just as much as they disavow the Old Testament practices of slavery and polygamy. But Christians like Fischer, and misogynists like Fischer, are frightening.

Update: Iowa vets call on political candidate to denounce Fischer.

Updated again, because I just can’t face writing a third post about this: The political candidate says that he doesn’t have to disassociate himself from Fischer’s remarks, even though they’ve been buddy-buddy in the past. Fischer writes <em>again</em> about how he just wants us to get back to giving awards to people who kill lots of people. Because that’s what the Bible says.