A paper is about to be published in a peer-reviewed journal that shows possible evidence for precognition. Rather than pursuing the usual parapsychology tests for psi effects, such as Zener cards, psychologist Daryl Bem has taken some standard psychology experiments and run them backwards. For example, when people are “primed” by being subliminally exposed to a particular word, that affects how quickly or slowly they react to subsequent stimuli. Bem showed volunteers the stimuli first, and then did the priming – and still got a correlation greater than chance. More details at New Scientist.

Let me be clear: this is not divination in any sense that Wiccans practice. But it is evidence for something that defies the reasoning skeptics use to insist that divination is impossible. In fact, it’s pretty stunning evidence! For those not active in the academic community, it’s hard to express how amazing this is – it’s as big as the impact in the news media when the first blogger got White House press credentials. This is the big time, the show, the mainstream.

I’m sure we’ll all wait with bated breath – and plenty of predictions of our own – for news of attempts to replicate these experiments.