The person who runs the National Organization For Marriage has said on Facebook that homosexuality should still be considered a mental disorder because mental disorders are defined by the American Psychological Association as “impairment of of an individual’s normal cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning.” Note that the APA decided that homosexuality wasn’t a form of mental illness, under this definition, quite a while ago.

But the NOM representative goes on to say that “one’s NORMAL emotional and behavioral functioning is to be emotionally attracted to the opposite sex and then follow up that attraction with heterosexual behavior.” (sic caps) He then argues, essentially, that the human body is designed to pass on its genes in reproduction, and deliberately going against that design is abnormal.

My husband and I were brainstorming other forms of chosen behavior that prevent one from passing on one’s genes. So far, we’ve come up with the following examples: being a member of the Catholic priesthood; joining the military and dying before reproducing; choosing to marry someone of the opposite sex who is physically incapable of reproducing. I’m sure there are lots more. But let’s just savor the irony for a minute here. Applying this guy’s own arguments to some of his major supporters – Catholic clergy – leads to the conclusion that their behavior indicates they are mentally ill.

And all the folks who say that they’re all for marriage and defending normal Americans from ebil, ebil (sic) homosexuals, especially those valiant defenders of America in the military, well….if they agree with this argument, then all those folks who joined the military before they’d already secured their genetic legacy are clearly mentally ill, in exactly the same way the homosexuals are!