Help Mother Nature with some spring cleaning!

Ostara is coming, and temperatures are beginning to rise. As we unfold ourselves from Winter’s dormancy and inner work, our attention turns to our environment, where the plants and animals, birds and bees, and even the river and soil begin to awaken. All of the crud that has accumulated over the Winter needs to be gathered up and disposed of properly so that the energy of Spring can enliven our surroundings and ourselves.

At this time of year, the National Park Service really needs our help to clean up trash and debris from the wild areas. Local Pagans and friends are invited to help clean up Teddy Roosevelt Island on Saturday, March 5th, from 1pm to 3pm.

The Open Hearth Foundation is sponsoring this event and will be providing snacks and drinks for us to enjoy. Head on over to OHF and support their mission to get a Pagan community center going by Imbolc 2012!

Who: You! Come out and join us for the celebration of Spring, if nothing else. People who aren’t able to pick up trash can help distribute snacks and drinks in the center of the island.

When: Saturday, March 5th, 1pm to 3pm. There will be a short safety talk and a group blessing to get us started; as we finish, we’ll gather in the center of the island for snacks and a celebratory closing ritual, possibly including a spiral dance!

Where: Teddy Roosevelt Island, in the Potomac between northern Virginia and DC. Directions are here, and the National Park Service information page gives additional basic information about the island. You can walk from the Rosslyn Metro station. We’ll gather in the parking lot at the end of the footbridge over to the island.

This event will happen rain or shine, so bring a raincoat if it looks cloudy. Please wear comfortable walking shoes. Since most of the paths on the island are gravel they can get muddy if it has been raining recently. The Park Service provides trash bags and gloves.

If you need more information, want to get a ride, or want to confirm that you’re coming, you can reach Literata at literatahurley (at) gmail (dot) com.

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