Inspired by Kit Whitfield, I’m going to try my hand at recording some of the lovely conversations I have with my self-appointed familiar, Beatrice.

Literata (eating lunch)

Beatrice: Wat is? I can haz?

L: Yes, and no.

B: Not funneh, mama.

L: Is my lunch.

B: Noms! I wants!

L: You has your noms. In the bowl. Your bowl.

B: I wants your noms! You eat it, must be good.

L: My noms are mine! I microwaved them specially for myself!

B: Yehs. Thus they specially good and should be shared wif me.

L: You won’t like it.

B: Lemme try.

L: It’s not good for you.

B: Never know. What is?

L: Wat, an Ethiopian stew with lots of chickpeas and vegetables and plants and stuff. Not even any meat. Nothing cats like.

B: Lemme try!

L: (sighs, holds out fingertip’s worth of stew)

B: Nom….hmm. Nom nom nom nom.

L: But it doesn’t even have anything you like in it!

B: Yehs it does. I likes it now. Moar?

L: (sighs, finishes bowl as fast as possible, lets B lick a little more from the nearly-empty bowl, then puts it away)

B: (licking whiskers) Now wat?

3 thoughts on “Familiar conversations: Wat’s dat?

  1. My own experience in similar cases led me to assume that this story would have an *urp* at the end.

    Good to see that you and B avoided that.

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