Slacktivist recently argued that

If [groups spouting anti-gay diatribes] have been arguing in good faith all along, then they will be gladdened by yesterday’s decision. They will be happy to learn that they need not fear any abridgment of their rights to free speech and the free exercise of religion just because they believe that homosexuality is a sin. They will be joyously and genuinely relieved to see this confirmed, unambiguously, by the highest court in the land. And they will stop making this argument, stop spinning scary scenarios of pastors getting arrested by the Gay Police, stop arguing that legal protections for others must entail a loss of legal protections for them.

But I don’t think they will stop making this argument.

News today shows that Slacktivist was half right. Notably execrable anti-gay bigot Bryan Fischer said that while he disagreed with the ruling, he was glad that because Phelps’ speech is allowed, “it certainly must be okay for students in a classroom, for public officials, and for radio talk show hosts to express reasoned and rational criticism of homosexual conduct without any kind of penalty whatsoever.”

First of all, it’s pretty rich for someone to say this when he works for an organization labeled by the SPLC as a hate group precisely because they use misinformation, distortion, and outright lies in their “rational criticism” of gays. Second, this statement looks to me like an outright declaration that Fischer intends to use the Phelps decision to continue to peddle his hateful falsehoods in support of the idea that recognizing gay rights is harmful, especially to the military. The SPLC is right, and Fischer cannot be arguing in good faith. He’s right that his freedom of speech is protected, but he is doing it wrong.