Opponents of women’s health care have been waging an unrelenting battle in the newly-elected Congress. Instead of focusing on jobs, as they campaigned, they have introduced measure after measure designed to prevent women from being able to afford or even to find the care they need. Today, I will be lobbying Congress to support women’s rights to accessible, affordable, safe health care, including a woman’s ability to make choices about her reproductive health. Will you join me?

You can contact your Congress person and tell her or him that you want the government to continue Title X funding for reproductive health care through Planned Parenthood, and that you oppose HR 3 and HR 358, the Smith and Pitts bills.

These bills would permanently stop federal employees from having health insurance coverage for abortion, including making it impossible for women in the military to get abortions overseas even if they pay for it out of their own private funds. These bills would make women responsible for defending their health care choices and coverage to the IRS, up to and including proving to the IRS that their pregnancy was a result of rape or incest. Worst of all, these bills would allow hospitals to literally let women die rather than provide stabilizing care in critical medical situations.

These bills put my life at risk. They put me on the front lines of a war against women. I didn’t volunteer for this war. I was conscripted the day I was born.

I’m resisting that war; I’m using my voice and my body, the body that these politicians are putting in danger, by going to Congress today. Will you join me?