It’s not clear exactly what DC40’s “siege” of DC is going to involve, but from the few clues on their website, here’s what I can gather:

If they have “worship teams” or other gatherings in DC itself, they may be planning to gather at The Gatepost, a site that apparently hosts several different Christian-based community efforts. The Gatepost’s website doesn’t have any information about upcoming events associated with DC40, but if they are hosting it, the good news is that The Gatepost is in southeast DC, across the Anacostia from major downtown sites and the Jefferson Memorial.

The Jefferson Memorial is particularly important because as David of CapitalWitch pointed out, one of the big events highlighted on the cryptic timeline for DC40 is “Drums in D.C.” on October 28th. That’s the date of this year’s annual Samhain drumming at the Jefferson Memorial, a longstanding Pagan DC tradition.

The other thing listed on that date is “Georgian Banov,” which turns out the be the name of a speaker and worship leader. He and a few other like-minded individuals are listed on their website as leading something called “The Shift” in Washington DC during October 22-29. Are they planning on a competing event? Trying to disrupt the Pagan drumming? They don’t give details, but I’ll keep working on it.

Another confusing timeline entry reads “Bill Suddoth, Freemasonry, Islam,” on October 7th, which is, as they note, also Yom Kippur. Suddoth is the leader of “Righteous Acts Ministries,” which opens its statement on “Deliverance Ministry Training School” by saying “Our society is steeped in violence, witchcraft, and perversion.” Suddoth’s ministry apparently specializes in “deliverance” from issues like this. His own itinerary states that he’ll be in Maryland on Oct. 5th as part of his “50 State Freemasonry/Islam Tour,” so it is possible that he’ll put in an appearance in DC around that time.

Suddoth’s news page has a letter from him to supporters which reads in part:

I believe the Lord has revealed this new strategy and this assignment of a 50 state Freemasonry tour so a major blow can be made and a real turning point take place in dealing with the spirits of Baal, Jezebel, perversion, witchcraft, antichrist and other spirits affecting this nation. The Lord has given me several confirmations and I am dedicating this year to this seemingly monumental task.

Recently in researching and dealing more with Islam, I have discovered an amazing link between Freemasonry and Islam. In fact, I’m now convinced that the Masonic is the open door in our nation to the spirits behind Islam which is one of the biggest threats to our nation’s security and our Christian heritage and freedom.

Elsewhere, Suddoth claims to have discovered that Freemasonry is “witchcraft” and worship of the Christian Devil, and that it causes its initiates to be possessed by demons, and places them, their families, and their descendents under a curse or demonic influence, which he says correlates with a pattern of child molestation as well.

Ironically, many Founding Fathers whom Christian Dominionists claim to revere were Masons; the Masonic Memorial to George Washington is clearly visible on the Arlington, VA skyline. Inside, the memorial tells how Washington brought over Masons from the England and Scotland to work on the White House and other construction projects in DC, and how Masonic lodges have been in existence in DC since its very beginnings.

In his article on witchcraft, Suddoth claims that:

Wicca is to witchcraft, as marijuana is to the drug culture. It’s the entry level to Satanism and the occult. Wiccans consider themselves to be “white” witches or for lack of a better term “Good” witches. The problem with that is God hates all witchcraft. … God so hates witchcraft that the children of Israel were instructed in Ex 22:18 to kill any witches found among them.

Suddoth mixes in a few mentions of Gardner, describing the rise of Neo-Paganism as an “attack against our society and our Christian values.” He goes on with the same old lies about Satanism, orgies, drugs, and that “Though Wiccans claim not to be involved with any type of animal or human sacrifice. Witchcraft has always been associated with the letting of blood.” (sic) He implies that this might even mean human sacrifice. These people are willing to lie and given the chance will fan the flames of another “Satanic Panic” like there was in the 1980s.

He has the support of Cindy Jacobs, John Benefiel, and others involved in DC40 in this effort, so it’s likely that they see this as a convenient opportunity to help him advance his cause as well. Other parts of his letters show that he is fully committed to the “7 Mountains” strategy of Christian Dominionists to take control of what they have identified as seven key areas of life. This movement is striving for all-out theocracy. They are not kidding, they are not joking, and they are dead-set against Paganism and Wicca.

They are also very, very serious and experienced about raising and throwing around large amounts of energy with specific intents against their targets. I’ll be writing more about potential responses to that soon.

6 thoughts on “More on DC40

  1. Yeah, this “violence” that our culture is steeped in is really nothing to the not-so-veiled threats in these materials. They are so wrong that it’s hard to fully wrap my mind about how dangerous they are. The ideas are total fantasy, but given the chance, they’d be totally on board with carrying out the implicit threats.

  2. Having been raised in one brand of Christian Dominionism they can certainly move a lot of energy around. We will need our own circle of energy workers working steadily for peace.

  3. Our society isn’t actually steeped in violence. On tiny segment of society (less than about 3% of the populace) is “steeped” in violence. As to the claims about Wicca leading to Satanism, that might be true if it weren’t so false. Each vapidly opposes the other on the most ridiculous of exclusionary grounds.

    Now Aoirthoirism on the other hand is one step away from An Brocism. I’d watch out for those cats.

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