To restate an old religious joke, dogs are Christians – they believe in you no matter what you do. Cats are Pagans – they want to see the food in the bowl.

On an only slightly more serious note, I continue to be amused at how many Pagans and Wiccans have cats (and/or dogs, but especially cats). I think there’s something about the Pagan aesthetic of finding your own path and doing your own thing that means we relate well with cats.

Again, it’s not that Pagans can’t love dogs, but perhaps the old stories of the witch and her familiar cat are playing themselves out in the contemporary world for very good reasons…what do you think?

7 thoughts on “Dogs are Christians, Cats are Pagans

  1. Dogs sit down and get up when the guy talking says they should.

    However, I have never yet met a dog who can crouch awkwardly forward, half-seated and half-kneeling, while looking around furtively to see which option the rest of the congregation chooses. Or maybe I’m the only one who does that.

  2. Yes, it is funny, because many Pagans love Hekate and Artemis/Diana, who are associated with canines.

  3. If ever there was an animal that fully represented pagans I reckon it’s the platypus. Such an odd combination of characteristics in a single animal: the bill of a duck, lays eggs, is a mammal, the tail of a beaver, otter footed, poisonous and amphibious/semi-aquatic.

    1. Hmm – maybe. Something from an older time period, looking strange to modern eyes but still well-adapted to its environment…yeah, that fits. 🙂

      From now on, when someone says “eclectic,” I’m going to think “platypus.”

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