Dear all,

Spouse and I are putting our final preparations in place. We expect to have no problems riding the storm out, but just in case, I’ll use this post as an information center and will post updates every few hours. If you’re partying in place (like sheltering in place, but much more fun), feel free to join in the virtual conversation.

Bright blessings for safety and peace,


9 thoughts on “Irene: with continuing updates

  1. We’re home from our final trip to the commissary and whatnot. Starting to see some continuous movement of the clouds and just barely beginning to identify cloud bands. Still pretty mild; no rain, not much wind yet.

  2. Going through a calmer phase right now. It had started raining but has stopped, and the wind’s not even very strong. Kitties were nervous earlier when we were bringing in groceries and moving things around; one responded by running laps around the place for a few minutes. Settled down now, and so far it’s just a rainy day.

  3. Still doing great. We’re into the period that the National Weather Service estimated had the greatest probability of high winds, but the rain is still falling mostly down and only a little to the side. There’s a nook formed in the corner of some buildings near here where the rain and snow will actually fall up, given high winds creating a chimney effect, but none of that seems to be in play today so far.

    This feels, energetically, different from just an equally-dark thunderstorm; I don’t know how much of that is my intellectual knowledge that it’s part of a hurricane and how much of that is subtle signals I’m picking up from the landbase, the movement of the clouds, and so on. But functionally, right now this is only like a mild to moderate thunderstorm. I have to admit that I was prepared for much worse potentials because in my mind DC is a city on the water. Obviously even with the south-eastern opening of the Chesapeake, the local environment doesn’t make it function like a true harbor city in a storm. I can only hope that people out on the Eastern Shore and in Delware aren’t getting hit too much harder.

  4. I figured out one reason this feels more powerful than a similar thunderstorm – it’s been continuously dark today and getting darker quickly right now. I need the lights on to read anything that isn’t backlit and even some things that are.

    In other news, the term “widdershins,” well known by Witches, gets some love over at the Reality-Based Community. For what it’s worth, the fact that hurricanes rotate widdershins is why I think that all magic done to dispel hurricanes or to protect people through them ought to be done with deosil movement and visualization, even though dispelling/diminishing magic usually involves widdershins movement.

  5. Picking up a bit now; Irene was moving more slowly than NWS estimated, I think. The sky has gone from cloudy to that kind of all-pervasive dimly lit fogginess that a real persistent rainstorm develops. Winds are picking up but not scary, just powerful. Trees are consistently tossed but not torn or broken.

    Candlelight is inherently calming in these situations, I think; its warmth in both literal and metaphorical senses communicates a sense of safety (perhaps through an illusion of control?) and homeliness that is very welcome.

  6. Realized that I’m underestimating the force of wind significantly because the spot I go to be outside is pretty sheltered; storms usually blow towards that area, but since Irene is rotating widdershins, she’s pulling clouds and wind past it, away from it. At least it makes it a wonderful spot to see the storm, and I have to admit as long as it’s not too scary, it does feel very invigorating and even cleansing as the Elements dance together.

    I imagine, though, that some of the trees are rather irritated that the extra water they’ve needed this summer comes accompanied by such winds. Hope things stay relatively okay like this for the duration.

  7. We were invited to an actual party this afternoon– a first birthday for a friend’s daughter. It was amazing how quickly the party came to an end when someone looked out the window at the way the trees were moving.

    Lots of heavy rain on the drive home, and since, and you’re right, it does feel different from the usual summer rainstorm. Something about the way the trees are tossing their branches, as if to say, something’s coming.

    Stay safe while you enjoy the show!

  8. Thanks, Amaryllis! Went out to a less protected area, and the storm is beautiful and scary and amazing all at once, even in the outlying bands. The trees really are the best indicators of how things are going at the moment, so I encourage paying attention to them.

    We’re still passing through the worst bands of the storm right here, according to radar, so we’re very happy that things seem to be stable and relatively calm for the time being. Will update as needed; if nothing else shows up tonight, that’s a good sign, because it means we got to sleep with things still okay.

  9. This morning things are still grey, with the potential for more rain, but we’re pretty much through the storm. My thanks go out to everyone who kept the DC area in mind.

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