Time for some Friday fun! Image here, text version below. Colored squares are for bonus points: if someone uses both arguments in a particular color, give them a gold star for lack of intellectual consistency.

That’s not a real religion. It’s too new! We gave you some rights, don’t ask for more. Nobody ever complained before. You don’t really believe that. You’re going to curse me!
There are too few of you to accommodate. You worship nature and hate humans! You’re going to have orgies and sacrifice babies! Your gods aren’t real. You haven’t heard me tell you about Jesus yet.
The occult makes people possessed! If you don’t want to pray you can just stand quietly. You’re restricting my rights! You’ve got a victim mentality. Fortune-telling is just a scam.
You just invented holidays to get time off. You worship the devil! You’re rebelling against your parents. We’ll pray the way the majority wants. Make me understand your religion before I respect it.
You’re stupid for believing in magic. You invented a goddess because you’re all lesbians. You’re just worshiping the real God under a different name. You’re not a real religion without a book. Polytheism (or animism) is so primitive!

Many thanks to Grafton for help with the images. Hat tip to Anti-feminist bingo, which I used as a model.

7 thoughts on “Anti-Pagan bingo

  1. Extra points for getting both ‘stupid for believing in magic’ and ‘you’re going to curse me!’.

  2. “You’re not a real religion without a book.”

    Got that one from my brother more than a few times.

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