This wonderful drawing of Persephone going to the Underworld was done by my friend Ariel Springs. I love the fact that Ariel challenged the traditional narrative by showing Persephone as happy. If you look very closely, you’ll also see that the plants on the left are blooming, but the ones on the right are wilting and dying, showing how the path leads down to the land of the dead. I’m impressed with how many ideas she was able to include in a relatively simple drawing. Thanks, Ariel, for letting me share this.

10 thoughts on “Persephone by Ariel Springs

  1. She loves her husband. The “rape” of Persephone is something that which has taken on a different angle in modern times. Why would she not be happy to be treading on the path to her throne as Queen of the Eleusinian Mysteries, She who grants Elysium to the Initiate?

  2. Persephone dancing into the Underworld, bearing a flower down for her husband.
    Persephone blocking the last light from her eyes, too bright, too bright.

    That’s got me thinking. Thanks.

  3. I love this interpretation. To many of the ancient stories have been so skewed by Christian ethics they no longer make sense. It makes so much more sense that Persephone would be happy to go to Hades and live as a queen instead of always under her the strict laws of her mother. This actually inspires me to do some new drawings of my own…

    1. While I disliked several things about the portrayals of the Greek deities in the Rick Riordan series, there was a slightly disrespectful but potentially funny bit about Demeter always being on about people needing to eat more cereals….so I can imagine that a little better now too!

  4. I saw the pic before your post and the ‘happy’ was the first thing that struck me. It’s very nice.
    It can’t be great, having to listen to your mother trash-talk about your husband half the year, can it? And pomegranate seeds are great–covered with dark chocolate, especially!

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