Young couple walking dogs: Excuse me, is there anything else on this end of the island?

Me: The trail goes around in a loop. They must be lost.

YCWD: Right, but is there anything else back there?

Me: ? Only some of the most beautiful un-cultivated land with trails for ten miles around.

YCWD: Like, any statues or stuff?

Me: No, the only statue is in the center of the island. Lady, this is DC. Haven’t you seen enough statues?


Me: The rest is supposed to be nature.

No, there’s nothing there.

4 thoughts on “A Conversation on TRI

  1. Yeesh! I keep meaning to get to TR Island and never getting around to it. One day I’ll figure out the bike route there, because you can actually take bikes over that bridge. It sounds lovely though. I think that attitude is the similar reason as to why no tourists go to Hains Point. Which is good in the fact it keeps it less busy, but they’re missing out on one of the loveliest places in D.C. that’s super-close to downtown.

  2. Zuh?
    I guess, I live in a place renowned for its natural beauty (and also its extreme temperature swings, lol) so the answer of “yeah, there’s a really gorgeous view” isn’t something unexpected, and people go places to see them.
    Statues or something? Whatever for?

    1. As far as I’m concerned, one of the things that makes most of TRI a really gorgeous view is that you _can’t_ see the statues and monuments and lots of corporate buildings from there – depending on the time of year and the leaf density. It’s a little oasis. 🙂

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