The NAR is at it again, and this time they’re coming for Chicago.

The email announcement reads:

Chicago 50 – Fifty Days between Passover and Pentecost
April 9 – May 28
For more information visit:

From Passover through Pentecost we will worship in Chicago, Illinois. Father has a dream for Chicago. Chicago has a destiny, and isn’t to be the most corrupt city in the nation! It is gifted to be an exhorter city, and has grace to proclaim to the earth that there is NO KING BUT JESUS.
We will pray again as one nation under God.
Beginning Monday, April 9, Delaware will raise the torch of eternal intercession and lay the axe to the root of corruption in the nation. Standing on behalf of our nation, we will “AS ONE” address the corruption by appropriating the Blood-bought victory of the cross, and for 50 days release light into the structures of darkness that have ruled Chicago. We will use this most corrupt gate to agree for corruption to be dealt with throughout the nation.

The website linked there only has a splash page for now. The reference to “Delaware” makes me think they’re probably going to try to organize another 50-state day-by-day prayer pattern.

How do people in Chicago feel about this? Do folks there want to organize a response the way we did with Hail Columbia for DC?

This doesn’t seem at first to be quite as personal as the attacks on Columbia and the entire concept of secular government, but keep in mind that when they talk about “structures of darkness,” modern neo-Paganism is included. And I for one resent the implication that only Christianity (and presumably Christians) can fix corruption.

Speaking of DC, the email also mentions that they’re selling DVDs about the DC 40 campaign as part of their fundraising efforts, plus they’ll be in DC next week for a handful of small events.

Personally, I’m going to keep making devotion to Columbia for protection against all these malefic attempts to install theocracy.

5 thoughts on “From DC 40 to Chicago 50

  1. Ugh! Such dramatic rhetoric. I might be a Christian, but I still get a sick feeling in my gut whenever I hear a Jimmy Swagart-type preacher up there having a show. Sigh. I guess I prefer things a bit more private, personal, and authentic. Those types of “shows” just never feel authentic to me.

    1. Well, last time I checked, you also weren’t busy praying to get your views imposed on everybody else by the government. 🙂

  2. Well, first of all, it infuriates me that when they speak of “the root of corruption” in the country as coming from Chicago, it’s a not-very-subtle coding of “the place that the usurper President came from”.

    Second of all…passing this on to all the Chicago-area pagans I know…and I know a few.

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