There were a lot of amazing moments at Fertile Ground Gathering: seeing Maharal (wow!), meeting wonderful people (talking about long hair with Kellianna!), and awesome rituals, especially dancing the Maypole in the rain. But I think this was my favorite:

Kellianna and Fan Girls

Kellianna performed on Friday night, and when she took requests, a young girl asked for “I Walk with the Goddess.” Kellianna said, “I’ll sing that if you, you, you, you, and you get up here and sing it with me!” The gaggle of girls enthusiastically agreed, and thanks to the miracles of technology, you can see (and hear) the results. Many thanks to the person who took the video and posted it.

I didn’t know any of those girls, but I was so moved that it’s hard to express. I nearly cried with joy at the knowledge that they are being brought up with a vision of the divine that explicitly includes them, their bodies, their selves. They are being brought up with a vision of community, of holiness and wholeness all around and within them, that is purely beautiful. Seeing that on full display, lived out with such enthusiasm and youthful vigor, took me beyond myself and was probably my favorite instance of the kind of magic that Fertile Ground cultivates.

I’d like to thank all the staff and everyone who worked so very hard to make that weekend the extraordinary experience that it was. I’ll see you next year!