In counterpoint to that last post about valuing the feminine divine, women, and girls, I’d like to point out a purely practical reason that feminism makes the world a better place: better sex.

I was reading a piece of erotica recently which contained the phrase “he penetrated her clit.” I was stopped cold; I had to put it down, go away, and do something else.

That’s not just ridiculously bad anatomy. I’ve had a fumbling teenage boyfriend; I know what it feels like when a guy thinks that’s remotely possible, and it’s not just unsuccessful, it’s actively painful.

Think about this in a gendered way. Every woman grows up with a basic working knowledge of male anatomy. But obviously it’s possible for men to grow up without such awareness. Worse yet, plenty of women don’t even know their own anatomy. Even talking about it is actively discouraged. Even when it’s the center of the conversation.

This is why feminists of all genders have better sex. Respecting women and women’s bodies means knowing about them, which means being better able to enjoy the pleasures of the body. It’s about a lot more than Tab P goes in Slot V. And recognizing that contributes to “all acts of love and pleasure,” which we’ve been talking about a lot lately.

So do yourself a Beltane favor. If you’re ever going to be in close proximity to someone’s lady parts – yours or someone else’s – go brush up your anatomy. Find out just how big the clitoris is (hint: not all of it is visible) and what that means for love and pleasure. Put it into practice, if you so desire.

Fight patriarchy with better orgasms! How much more fun can social activism be?