This is my vagina. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My vagina is part of my life. I must have consent for it as I must have consent for my life.
My vagina and I know that what counts in the war on women is not the children we bear, the bills we pass, or the petitions we sign. It is the rights we defend. We will defend our rights…
My vagina is part of my humanity, even as I am, because it is part of my life. I will learn its vulnerabilities, its orgasms, its organs, its clit, and its climax. I will care for my vagina and enjoy it, even as I care for and enjoy myself. 
To all that is divine, I swear this creed. My vagina and myself are survivors of patriarchy. We are the hope of equality.
So mote it be, until there is no hate, only love!

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