That previous post might have seemed to come out of left field. It was in response to a handful of the latest events in the war on women, particularly the conjunction of the impending vote by the Virginia Board of Health on targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP) and the Minnesota legislature deciding that vagina is a wirdy dord (sic, that’s a spoonerism).

ETA: Here’s a great piece by one of the silenced legislators about how her minority religion (Judaism) influenced her position, and how she sees increasing anti-choice legislation as theocratically driven. (h/t to Hecate for the link!)

There’s limited good news after yesterday’s vote in Virginia. The part of the legislation that would have forced existing women’s health clinics to undergo massive, expensive, and wholly unnecessary rebuilding, which would have caused many of them to close, has been dropped. But new clinics would have to meet these unreasonable standards, and there’s some pretty nasty stuff still in the regs that poses a significant threat to the privacy of women being treated at these clinics – whether it’s for reproductive health care or for regular checkups, cancer screenings, or anything else. (And of course, the state’s odious attorney general is going to try to put back the bit about forcing clinics to close, so this battle isn’t done yet.)

Many thanks and kudos go to the Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health and all of the amazing people who attended the meeting yesterday to protest. Unfortunately, we’ve still got a lot of work to do.