Star wrote recently about reviewing divination, and expressed some discomfort at the idea. I think reviews are important (although I’ve been slack at doing more of my own lately), especially for things like divination where it can be hard for potential consumers to assess what they might be getting. In particular, Star did a great job of evaluating things that go to the heart of a particular diviner’s skill and style. She didn’t just say “it was a good reading because it told me what I wanted to hear” or the opposite. So in that spirit, let me make a few comments of my own about a reading I had recently.

On the advice of the wonderful Caroline Kenner, I had a session with Ivo Dominguez. It was very freestyle; Ivo told me he would use astrological data, Tarot, and his own intuition or “sight,” but he didn’t say where specific information or observations came from. That was fine with me because he was so dead-on about so many things that I don’t care how he got that information. We spent more time discussing how those things were related to my magical and mundane life, which was more important.

Ivo let me frame a general area of interest and then he ran with it, which also contributed to the wide-ranging nature of the discussion. He used a lot of metaphors to communicate some of the things he was expressing, and would switch from metaphor to metaphor to try to give me as much insight as possible. I like thinking that way, and felt like it gave me a lot of information that I’ll continue to unpack as I review it. Others who want things expressed in a more plain-and-simple kind of way might be frustrated by that style. But Ivo chooses his metaphors carefully and has a wide range of symbolism at his disposal, which makes him much more effective at communicating this way than most people; his symbols aren’t an attempt to escape more specific communication as much as a way to convey complexity.

And speaking of reviewing, Ivo made an audio recording of the whole session and sent it to me as an mp3 so that I can go back over it, and can come back with follow-up questions after I review it. I thought that was the crowning grace of a really fantastic session. Thanks, Ivo!