That second part is hyperbole which I got from this site. Apparently actually doing the math is magic. Who knew?

I’m thrilled that not only did Obama win, male Republicans who revealed the truth of their fiercely anti-woman positions were rejected, especially Akin and Mourdock. (Sadly, Paul Ryan, who has worse positions but  better looks and a better ability to self-censor is still around, but it’s a serious improvement.) People who want to establish theocracies inside women’s uteruses should take a long, hard look at this and think twice.

Marriage equality made huge strides by winning popular votes. Fundamental civil rights should never depend on a majority vote – that’s why they’re rights, not “privileges granted when the majority is feeling nice,” but hopefully these are signs of the changing tide that will see DOMA rolled back.

And the changing tide of demographics in this country is finally starting to impinge on Republican consciousness. White men over 50 can no longer control elections. Not a news flash, but hopefully this is bringing it come to roost. It’s not just about pundits bloviating about the economy.

Women’s issues are election issues; women’s rights are human rights. QUILTBAG issues are election issues; QUILTBAG rights are human rights. Brown people’s issues are election issues; brown people’s rights are human rights.

5 thoughts on “Obama wins; also, Nate Silver is a witch

    1. You’re disappearing because you know this Witch’s magic also did its work. 🙂

      On Nov 7, 2012, at 9:52 AM, Works of Literata

      1. That, plus I know from my previous incarnation as a “math guy” that finding the *right* math to do is a form of magic, even when the rest of it is just turning the crank!

        1. Tell me about it. My tutoring students in calculus are just starting to get the idea that at the moment it’s a safe bet to try differentiating anything they run across, even if they don’t know what to do afterwards. That will last about a month and then I’ll have to break them of it. There’s a similar month later on when “Integrate it?” becomes the standard guess.

          On Nov 7, 2012, at 10:25 PM, Works of Literata

  1. Math is now magic, huh? Whodda thunk? As for Ryan, yes, he won re-election, but I’m taking encouragement in the fact that he isn’t the new VP and that he did worse in this election than previous years. This is the first time that Paul Ryan lost in his hometown (by a couple of thousand votes). He also lost in his home county and his challenger performed much better than any of the other’s Ryan has faced in the past….So I guess that’s something.

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