And now for something completely different! I recently got Robyn at to draw portraits of my four cats. H/t to Mock Ramblings for pointing out Robyn’s sale, and many thanks to Robyn for her wonderful work.

I’m sharing these in the spirit of spending time with loved ones over the holidays and because I’m deeply thankful these “kids” are in my life. Remember, folks: if you’re considering getting a pet, please adopt or rescue whenever possible.

First is Jiji, demonstrating the “pet me!” pose that I’m sure will make him the centerfold of an issue of PlayKitty any day now…

Next is Kiki. Robyn successfully captured Kiki’s vision of herself as Bast incarnate who deserves unlimited amounts of worship, adoration, and gushy food. Seriously, if you plugged Kiki into a Matrix-like construct to be able to see her internal concept of herself, this is what you’d get – or possibly something with more jewelry surrounded by offerings of catnip and squeaky toys.

Next is Beatrice, as the Witch Kitty. This is the cat who, given the chance, will show up when metaphysical energy is being moved around and insist on “helping.” She would never look that happy wearing a physical witch’s hat (although I am seriously tempted to try it), but in her heart of hearts, she is a Witch, in her catly way.

And last but never least is Bianca, the one and only Clumsy Cat. She is so proud of herself for learning to sit tucked-up in a loaf like a big kitty. The whiskers-forward pose is classic Bianca; when she’s really excited about something, they get so far forward that they almost touch in front.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and is looking forward to wonderful winter holidays with loved ones, including animals, friends, and family-by-choice.

3 thoughts on “Kitty portraits

  1. I love the kitty portraits 🙂

    Animal story…..

    Part of our neighbour’s fence came down during the high winds of Sandy (they hit even up here in Canada.)

    Yesterday he came into our yard to see if he could prop it up from our side until next spring since this is not the time of the year to try and put up a new fence.

    Spouse went out and offered to help but neighbour nicely declined since, as he said, he wants to teach his children (both daughters) how to do handiwork.[1] The girls worked on the fence and Spouse and Neighbour supervised. When they were all done they turned around to realize that I large rabbit was sitting up supervising the supervisors.

    We have prepared spots in the yard that are protected from the wind and snow where outdoor animals can shelter from the weather.

    Let us hope that it has been a good harvest season for the wildlife.

    [1] It is interesting watching how “doing work” around the house can be a rite of passage for children.

  2. Pardon my OTness:

    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved friend and very wise mentor!

    (I maeks kitteh-relaytud commentsez frum nao, k?)

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