For those who were not able to attend the Open Hearth Foundation town hall meeting last weekend, the biggest news is that OHF will no longer have its current location after the end of March. The board is currently working on making decisions about what OHF will do after that.

My obligations for the day were rearranged because of the recent weather, so I was able to attend part but not all of the meeting. The purpose of this meeting was information exchange, not decision making. The board wanted to update the community about what has been happening and what OHF’s current situation is, and then to get feedback from the community so that the board can make informed decisions that serve the community’s expressed interests.

During the last year the board went through a period of overhaul in order to keep the center afloat. The work that they did is why OHF has some assets and options at this point rather than having gone bankrupt around October of 2013. The current board deserves a lot of credit for that work.

The organization does have some financial resources, but those are limited. Throughout the recent work, the organization has had tremendous difficulties building and rebuilding infrastructure in order to do things like contact donors and effectively use volunteers. The later part of the meeting, which I was not there for, involved community conversation on those and other topics.

A focus of the community conversation was the question “What is the most valuable thing OHF brings to the community?”

If you have thoughts related to these issues, or further questions, please contact OHF and share them as the board works through this next transition.