Want to do something about the inhumane treatment of migrants in this country? Call your Congresspeople! Here’s how:

Find your Representative and Senators at myreps.datamade.us

Call them and use this script or a variant:

Hi, I’m (name) and I’m a constituent. I oppose the inhuman treatment of migrants in this country, especially denying migrants the opportunity to apply for asylum. Please ask the congressperson to do everything in their power to change this.

I’ve been calling my representative and senators every business day for about two months now. My voice shook and I didn’t know what to say at first. But I kept calling back. It’s become an important part of my practice. When I read the latest horror story in the news, I don’t feel helpless; instead, I use that as motivation to call again the next day.

I’m starting to develop daily soundbites, one particular aspect of the immigration crisis that I want to bring to my legislators’ attention on a given day. I’m going to try sharing some of those short scripts here on a regular basis to help others who might want to call but not know what to say.

Action gives me hope. It doesn’t have to be big; it doesn’t have to be impressive. Putting what I care about into action in practices like this is what makes a difference for me. I can’t just sit and feel bad about the state of the world. Doing something, even a small thing, even if my voice shakes, is my magic. I shan’t be gone long; you come too.

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