Here’s a simple script to use to call your representative and senators:

Hi, I’m (name) and I’m a constituent. Please ask the legislator to oppose a bill requiring DNA testing of migrants and children because families are defined by more than DNA. Thank you.

Here’s the details:

The End Child Trafficking Now Act is a pair of bills: S. 2420, introduced by Sens. Blackburn and Ernst, and H.R. 3864, introduced by Rep. Gooden. Republicans claim that bills like this and the DNA testing they want to require by law are necessary to prevent child trafficking because they allege that the US immigration system is too permissive in releasing adult migrants who enter with children. There’s no evidence to support their claims that this represents a “loophole” regularly exploited by violent criminals.

I oppose this bill because refugees, people fleeing violence and social upheaval, do not always have their adoption papers handy, and DNA is not the only thing that defines a family. Families may be split up, children may be traveling with second- or third-degree relatives by blood or marriage, may come from blended families and have stepparents or grandparents or godparents…but none of that is reflected in DNA. I am afraid that the pseudo-objectivism of “scientific” proof of biological relationship will be used to split up more families, to traumatize more children, and to worsen the damage to already vulnerable populations.