A house clearing and blessing removes any unwanted energies and entities from a home and helps establish a more harmonious environment for everyone who lives there. To do a clearing and blessing, I come to your home and do shamanic trance journeying to identify and ameliorate existing issues, then use a variety of techniques to enact that healing physically. Clearing may involve approaches such as smudging with sage or other incense, but the techniques used vary and can be adapted based on the needs and preferences of the residents.

After your house is cleared of any unwanted influences, I establish a firm energetic barrier around the perimeter of your space and we bless it together by inviting in blessings that you desire in each area of the home.

  • Clearing and blessing appointments vary depending on the size of the space. Two hours is usually sufficient for a two bedroom, two bath apartment or townhouse, and an appointment of that type costs $100. Larger homes cost more depending on the amount of time and materials involved, especially because the cost of all materials is included in the price.

Please contact me at literatahurley@gmail.com to ask about a clearing and blessing for your home.