In shamanic healing, the practitioner goes on a trance journey to work with the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of healing. In trance, the practitioner assesses the spiritual representations of the client’s physical, emotional, and mental concerns, then works to address those concerns and ameliorate any other problems with the assistance of helpful spirits, including animal spirits and the energies of plants and minerals. The practitioner clears and balances the chakras, the energy centers of the body, and helps the client’s metaphysical self become more whole and harmonious. During this process, the client relaxes fully clothed on a comfortable surface.

Trance journeys for healing help clients heal themselves from the inside out. This modality is especially effective for dealing with the experience of traumatic events in ways that are not addressed by most conventional medical practitioners. Trance journeys for healing help people become more emotionally and spiritually centered, leading to calmness, spiritual insight, improved mood, and better sleep. The work also engages the body’s own healing abilities for physical improvement, especially reduced pain and enhanced energy.

I learned techniques for shamanic healing at the Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism and graduated from the year-long course for shamanic healing taught by Caroline Kenner. I also have participated as an apprentice at many of Caroline’s public healing rituals, adding to my extensive practical work.

  • A shamanic healing lasts about two hours, including an initial discussion of the client’s concerns, the healing work, and a discussion with the healer after the work has been completed. A healing appointment costs $100.

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Please note: Reiki and shamanic healing are forms of complementary medicine and should be used in combination with mainstream medical care. Do not delay seeking care from a licensed medical professional or disregard the advice of a licensed medical professional.

All my in-person services include travel to central Ohio locations within an hour of Columbus. For remote healings I can videoconference via Skype, Google chat, or FaceTime.