I use Tarot as a tool to help clients reflect on their current situation, its roots in the past, and how it may develop in the future. The cards are a starting point for a conversation with the client; that conversation is a form of spiritual counseling in which I help clients understand themselves and their lives better, so that they can make the best choices for themselves.

Please see my description of what a Tarot reading involves and my Tarot code of ethics.

I have spent nearly a decade gaining experience with Tarot. My studies with the Order of the White Moon included extensive Tarot work, and I have deepened my practice by joining the American Tarot Association and developing my own spreads and rituals using Tarot.

  • A full Tarot reading covers all areas of life in a ten card reading which lasts about an hour and comes with a written record of the spread including short descriptions of the card meanings. A full reading costs $50 in person, $30 remotely.
  • A half hour reading includes five to seven cards and costs $25 in person, $15 remotely. Shorter readings can be targeted to a specific area or issue currently concerning you.
  • A Tarot and Reiki party is a fun way to try something new! In a group setting I offer three card Tarot mini-readings which last five to ten minutes per person. Participants could choose a Tarot mini-reading or a Reiki mini-treatment or a Tarot mini-reading. Parties cost $50 per hour.

Book a Tarot party of an hour or more for your friends and get a free one hour reading for yourself! I will do the full reading for you before or after the party, or by remote at a later time.

Please contact me at literatahurley@gmail.com to book Tarot readings or parties.

All my in-person services include travel to central Ohio locations within an hour of Columbus. For remote readings I can videoconference via Skype, Google chat, or FaceTime.