CIRCLE Magazine publishes TRI cleanup piece

The Summer 2011 issue of CIRCLE Magazine features an article I wrote about the cleanup on Teddy Roosevelt Island! CIRCLE Magazine, published by Circle Sanctuary, has a regular feature called Eco Magic that highlights Pagan interactions with the ecosphere.

The article is adapted from two posts about the TRI cleanup and my personal reflections about it. They published three photos as well, but a few more (and all of them in color!) are on the blog entry for anyone who’s curious. This is the first time I’ve ever been published in print, so I’m pretty excited about it! I’d like to offer my thanks and gratitude again to everyone who came out to make the event such a great day, and especially to OHF.

Order of the Pentacle News from Circle Sanctuary

On Sunday, October 31, 2010, a memorial was held for Pagan Navy veteran Bruce Kirk Parsons at Circle Cemetery, located at Circle Sanctuary headquarters near Barneveld, Wisconsin.

Several members of the Order of the Pentacle assisted Selena Fox, high priestess of Circle Sanctuary, in conducting the rite, which included cremains scattering & interment as well as the dedication of his VA-issued pentacle grave marker.His marker
is the 8th VA-issued pentacle marker at Circle Cemetery.

The ceremony was held as part of a pubic dedication of the newly expanded Circle Cemetery.

Photos and an article about the memorial are in the November 1, 2010 issue of the Wisconsin State Journal.

More information about Circle Cemetery:

In Memoriam: Bruce Parsons photos & tributes: